tandembox space corner

This spacious corner cabinet provides easy, ergonomic access.

Colour Range

Product range at a glance

Sink Unit S1

• For cabinet width of 300 – 1200 mm
• Minimum height requirement: 101.5 mm

Sink Unit S5

• For cabinet width of 300 – 1200 mm
• High fronted drawer, Glass design element excludes
• Minimum height requirement: 228 mm

Sink Unit S4

• For cabinet width of 300 – 1200 mm
• High fornted drawer with BOXCAP

• Minimum height requirement: 228 mm

cabinet profile

All TANDEMBOX lines are based on the tried and tested TANDEMBOX cabinet profile. Users have been impressed by its feather-light glide for years. The secret lies in the low-friction cylindrical nylon rollers that guarantee top quality motion and dynamic carrying capacities of 30 kg and 65 kg.

Load Bearing Capacity

30 kg & 60 kg

Nominal Length

650 mm

Motion Technologies

Blum’s motion technologies ensure that furniture opens and closes with utmost ease. For more design scope and top quality motion.


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servo drive

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Tandembox Installation

Tandembox Intivo – Side Adjustment

Tandembox Intivo Installation


TANDEMBOX antaro: Box system with rectangular gallery

SERVO-DRIVE for TANDEMBOX: Electrical opening support system for box system

TANDEMBOX intivo: Box system with different drawer side options